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Peace Wanko Japan

About Peace Wanko Japan

Dogs and humans working together to revitalize society using our unique 3 part model

Our approach

Dogs are a crucial part of our society capable of helping us in many different situations.In times of pain, in times of loneliness they are always there for us regardless of circumstances.

That is why we have to help dogs in return.By adopting a stray from the shelter, caring for a sick, or even just letting your dog run free at the park.

There is a local legend in Kamiishi-Kogen-cho, Hiroshima where Peace Wanko is based where humans and dogs worked together to defeat the monsters that were ravaging the land. Therefore, every year there is a memorial service held to mourn the dogs that were injured or lost their lives in the battle against the monsters. Our goal is to create a healthy community where people and dogs can work together in a mutually beneficial relationship. We will work to achieve this through activities in mainly three fields.。

‘Zero dogs slaughtered’ challenge


At the core of our activities is our ‘Zero dogs slaughtered’ challenge. Sadly in Japan, more than 7,000 abandoned dogs and stray dogs are being euthanized annually due to non-medical reasons. We work to act as a ‘fortress’ protecting the lives of innocent dogs by raising and caring for them with love while looking for new owners. Raising awareness to spread the idea of proper housing and animal welfare is also a crucial part of our activities. We work together with government agencies, companies, and local communities to achieve our goals and help our important friends.

Training disaster relief dogs and therapy dogs


Rescue dogs are often used to find missing people trapped under earth and debris after natural disasters.Therapy dogs visit schools and nursing homes to bring joy to the young and the elderly. Specialized trainers determine the aptitude of dogs and raise them as ‘dogs that save people’. From 2018, we began to raise ‘Diabetic Alert Dogs’ 、that warns owners when you are experiencing excessive hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar as well as ‘Satomori dogs’ that protect farmlands from wild animals such as wild boars and monkeys. 。

Creating a place where humans and dogs can create a bond

Many loving dog owners will enjoy the company of their dogs by taking them on a walk or to a dog park. We don’t want our shelter dogs to miss out on this experience which is why we are based in the beautiful hills of Jinseki-Kogencho where we run the largest dog park in Western Japan where the dogs can run free. Nearby, we have a dog-friendly café and park. We hope to provide a place where adults and children alike can come to enjoy the beautiful nature and deepen the personal bond between them and their dogs.

Providing support in different ways

Did you know that approximately 38000 dogs and cats a year are euthanized?
That means more than a 100 dogs and cats are euthanized everyday.
Each animal has its own background, face, personality, and cry
We humans are taking irreplaceable life from these animals because of our own selfishness.

There are different ways to support us

More about our management

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