ピースワンコ・ジャパン | 保護犬の里親探し・譲渡を促進



Peace Wanko Japan is located in Jinsekikogen-Cho, which is in nature!

Peace Wanko Japan is located on the Senyogahara Plateau, which spreads across the border between Hiroshima and Okayama Prefectures. Experience the magnificent scenery from 700m altitude with the Seto Ohashi Bridge on the south and the beautiful Japan sea facing Oyama on the north. Around the area, there are many facilities that can be enjoyed by both you and your dog ♪ There is even a log house where you can stay at with your dog! Within the nature, experience the different seasons as we do our best to help you relax and forget about your worries before going home. We look forward to seeing you along with your dog!

Peace Wanko Japan

Address 〒720-1702 Hiroshima, Jinseki district, Jinsekikogen, Kamitoyomatsu 72-8
TEL・FAX 0847-89-0039
Working hours

9:00~18:00 (Open all year round. However, the dog run is closed every Wednesday. Registration closed at 17:00)

※Tour of our facility conducted 4 times a day by staff at 13:00,14:00,15:00,16:00.Reservation not necessary

※For potential foster parents, please submit application by around 13:00〜16:00 or there will not be as many staff members that could result in some waiting. While weekdays are preferred, please tell us in advance if you are coming on the weekend. ⇒ MAIL

Facilities Dog shelter
Dog run(Lawn dog run,Forest dog run,Pond dog run)
Parking lot 40 spaces(Free)
Accomodation Jinseki-Kogen Tia Garden  11 log houses / 40 camping sites(Capacity of 150 people)
Nearby Restaurants/ Cafes Jinseki-Kogen Tia Garden Cafe(11:00〜16:30、Last order at 15:00)
Markt PLatz Cafe(10:30〜16:30,Last order at 16:00, Gift shop 9:00〜17:00)

Access by car

From Fukuyama 【Approx. 50 minutes】
From Tojo 【Approx. 30 minutes】
From Okayama 【Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes】
From Hiroshima 【Approx. 2 hours】
From Tottori【Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes】
From Hiroshima 【Approx. 3 hours 20 minutes】
From Osaka 【Approx. 3 hours 30 minunutes】

How to get to Peace Wanko Japan

National Route 182 ⇒ Prefectural Route 106(Towards the Fureai Road sign) ⇒ Take the first right(There will be a Peace Wanko signboard)

Access by public transport

How to get to Peace Wanko Japan

※From Fukuyama Station, please take the eastbound Chugoku bus towards “Yukigi / Tojo Line”
※From Tojo Station, take the Chugoku bus “Yukigi Line” (transfer to Yukigi)
※Please use a taxi from the front of Kobuki Bus Stop (Please note that there is no pick-up)

【Taxi companies】 ※Our facilities are 5 minutes by taxi from the bus stop

Takashima Taxi /TEL 0847-82-2200
Senyo Taxi /TEL 0847-82-2780
Sanwa Kotsu Taxi /TEL 0847-82-0301