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Our Dogs

At PeaceWanko Japan, we are always looking to find new families for the dogs we have rescued.
We even update information about our dogs in real time ♪

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For people seeking to adopt a dog

~Are you ready to adopt a new family member?~

PeaceWanko Japan works to achieve the goal of 0 dogs slaughtered in Hiroshima by adopting and taking care of stray dogs found throughout the city. These rrescued dogs are trained by professional trainers and raised in different roles such as disaster rescue dogs and therapy dogs. However, if someone comes along willing to take up the responsibility, these dogs are also up for adoption. ♪

The adoption process

1. Finding a dog

People looking to adopt a dog must first come toone of our shelters throughout the countrywhere our staff members will introduce you to the different dogs depending on your lifestyle, family, and needs.

2. Submitting the adoption papers

If there is good compatibility between you and the dog, adoption papers must be filled in and submitted.

3. Home visit

Once the staff determines that there is nothing wrong with the papers, they will visit your home to check the environment as well as to advise on disciplining and raising the dog. This will take in between 30 to 60 minutes.

4. Adoption

If the staff determines there is nothing wrong during the home visit, the papers will have to be signed and the dog will be handed over. This does not have to be spontaneous and can be done when the owner is ready to welcome a new family member.

Dogs waiting to find new families

Here are some resources to find dogs up for adoption

List of dogs waiting for adoption in PeaceWanko shelters

Below are the animal shelters run by the government within the Hiroshima prefecture.

Hiroshima Prefecture Animal Shelter

Kure City Animal Shelter

Fukuyama City Animal Shelter

Hiroshima City Animal Shelter