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【News】 Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity Runners Wanted!


※※Application period has ended. thank you very much.(2023/5/26)

Peace Winds Japan, the authorized NPO that operates Peace Wanko Japan, is participating in the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity to be held on October 15, 2023 (Sunday). We are looking for people who would like to run as charity runners in support of Peace Wanko, which is working to achieve the goal of no-kill!
By selecting Peace Winds Japan as your donation recipient when you enter the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity, your donation will go to Peace Wanko’s activities.
※Peace Winds Japan is the donation recipient organization for the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity.

About Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon Charity
This is an initiative to expand the circle of charity activities through the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon.
You can support this initiative by making donations. Those who donate more than the amount specified by the charity organization and wish to run as a Charity Runner, may be selected as a Charity Runner and asked to promote the charity activities while participating in the event.

Participate as a charity runner!
Donations will be collected by one-time full payment of 50,000 JPY or more .
The entry will close once it reaches the capacity. (100 persons)
How to? Select ”Peace Winds Japan” in the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon Official Website, which will be opened on April 28th,.

Usage of Donation

The donations from the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity will be used for the 3,500 dogs we are currently protecting and will go to the animal care centers for (1) food and medical expenses;(2) personnel costs for breeding staff and veterinarians; and (3) maintenance and management expenses of the kennel and transfer centers. In addition, we plan to use some donations for the training costs of disaster relief, therapy, low blood sugar alert, and village protector dogs.

Event information

Event Date : Sunday, October 15, 2023
Donation & Charity Runner Application  : Friday, April 28, 11:00 a.m. – Friday, May 26, 5:00 p.m. (JST)
Donation amount  : 5,000 JPY or more per person
Number of applicants  : 100 people
Application form  : https://forms.gle/Y6XQ7nPsV3dWmEkcA
Conditions for registration  : Runners will be selected in the order of the earliest application forms submitted.
How to register  : Please select “Peace Winds Japan” as the donation recipient on “Run with Heart” official web site and fill the required information.
Official site:
Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity
Tokyo Marathon 2023 Charity Official Website


About Peace Winds Japan(PWJ)

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has been active in 36 countries and regions including the Middle East and Africa since 1996. In recent years, PWJ has also been working to resolve domestic social issues such as disaster recovery in West Japan and Tohoku area, providing healthcare and promoting tourism in sparsely populated areas. Through the “Peace Wanko Japan” project, we have achieved a record of “zero kills” in Hiroshima Prefecture, where most of the dogs and cats were being killed.

What is Peace Wanko Japan PROJECT?

Development of protection and transfer activities to save dogs’ lives, as well as training for disaster relief and therapy dogs.

What Peace Wanko Japan want to achieve with you

The Peace Wanko Japan project is pea. As of March 2022, we have transferred or returned to owners over 3,000 dogs. In Hiroshima Prefecture, where the project is based, we have maintained our “zero-kill” record for more than 7 years.

Important Notes on Donation

[About charity participation] You can participate by making a donation to each charity organization.
Those who wish to donate 50,000 yen or more can participate in the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 as a charity runner to promote their charity activities. You will be able to spread the greatness of charity activities through your participation in the race.